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Government Attendees

Meet the Solution Providers you want to meet

Quickly and easily!

It’s Where Business Gets Done! Connect @ Bett helps the Ahead by Bett and Bett communities connect and collaborate via individual and group meetings. You’ll meet new people, discover new organisations and create incredible opportunities and meaningful connections that result in positive changes for you, your organisation and your learners. Best of all, individuals from Higher Education Institutions and Governments can participate at no cost.

Ahead by Bett 2023 returns to ExCel London next 29-31 March 2023 alongside our partner event, Ahead by Bett and an all new Connect @ Bett Meetings Program.

Connect @ Bett will connect 2,000+ participants from Education Institutions and Governments with 300+ Solution Providers for 5,000+ high value meetings onsite at Ahead by Bett 2023. All meetings are double-opt in (both people want to meet each other) and are scheduled based on your individual availability.

Education Institution and Government attendees join Connect @ Bett to:

  • Participate in as many double opt-in 15-minute speed date meetings as you’d like, up to 16– limited only by your availability and mutual interest
  • Join up to (3) 45-minute peer-to-peer roundtable discussions (called Tabletalks) on key education topics with others from Education Institutions and Governments
  • Get a free ticket upgrade for Learnit @ Bett and join the conversation with fellow global educator leaders about the current state and future of learning (value £995)
  • Enjoy access to an exclusive Connect @ Bett lounge where you can rest, recharge and enjoy complimentary refreshments

Join Connect @ Bett to get the most out of your time at Ahead by Bett 2023!

Join Connect @ Bett

Why join?

Connect @ Bett is the best way for individuals from Education Institutions and Governments to:

  • Use your time at Bett 2023 in the most efficient way possible–meet the Solution Providers you want to meet quickly and easily
  • Discover new and emerging products, services and solutions that can help address your organisation’s challenges and opportunities
  • Build your network via one-to-one meetings and Tabletalks
  • Join the leading conversation about the current state and future of learning with a complimentary ticket to Learnit @ Bett
  • Uncover the newest and hottest startups shaping the future of EdTech
  • View the latest product launches, announcements and news from the EdTech industry

Join Connect @ Bett

Who should join?

Everyone from Education Institutions or Governments with responsibility for (or influence over) buying decisions for EdTech should all join Connect @ Bett. There’s no minimum budget requirement, and no minimum meetings requirement. You simply follow a simple process to choose your availability and who you're interested in meeting with and we'll do the rest!

Here’s more detail on who’s joining Connect @ Bett:

Education Institutions

  • K-12/School
  • Higher Education/University
  • Pre-K/Pre-school


  • Municipal/Local
  • State
  • Federal/Country

Anyone with responsibility for / influence over buying decisions for:

Teaching & Learning Technologies

  • Achievement Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Apps
  • Assessment Services
  • Coding
  • Curriculum Improvement
  • Distance Learning
  • E-Books
  • Educational/Instructional Software
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Learning Materials
  • Multi Language System
  • VLE - Virtual Learning Environments

Management Solutions

  • Attendance Management
  • Connectivity & Communications Solutions
  • Data Management & Storage
  • IT Services
  • Leadership & Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Professional Services
  • School Finance Management
  • School Visitor Management
  • Security & Risk Management

Equipment & Hardware

  • AV Multimedia
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • IWBs - Interactive White Boards
  • Learning Spaces
  • Monitors
  • Robotics
  • Screens
  • 3D Printers


  • Arts & Craft & Consumables
  • Assessment Feedback
  • Buildings & Estate
  • Catering & Nutrition Services
  • Classroom Resources
  • CPD Training - Training & Continuing Professional Development
  • Education & Management Consultant
  • Health & Wellbeing Solutions
  • Playground & Outdoor Equipment
  • Publishing
  • Recruitment
  • Safeguarding
  • School Administration / Management
  • School Visits & Trips
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Transport
  • Tutoring & After School Programmes

Not sure if Connect @ Bett is for you? Contact us at [email protected] and we can help.

Join Connect @ Bett

Who will I meet?

You’ll meet everyone you need to meet! 300+ Solution Providers from across the global education industry are joining Connect @ Bett, including startups and established solution providers of Teaching & Learning Technologies, Equipment & Hardware, Management Solutions and Non-Tech.

Sample list of past and current solution provider participants:

What’s next?

To join Connect @ Bett, make sure that you:

  • Register for Bett before 10 March 2023
  • Complete your Meetings Profile – we’ll email you when it’s time to do this

Once you complete your Meetings Profile, you (and 2,000 other participants) will follow a simple process in the 3 weeks preceding Bett to schedule your meetings and Tabletalks. Then, simply attend your meetings when you’re onsite. It’s that easy! And don’t worry, your meetings are scheduled based on your individual availability, and won’t clash with any speakers or content.

Connect @ Bett is powered by Personatech, the meetings tech company that developed and operates the largest meetings programmes for retail and fintech events in the US.

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