Prof Perry Hobson


Breda University (BUas), The Netherlands

Professor Perry Hobson is the incoming Director of the Academy of Tourism at Breda University (BUas) in The Netherlands. He holds a Bachelor’s from the UK, a Master’s from the USA, and completed his PhD in Australia, Over the years he has held senior management positions in relation to tourism and hospitality education, as well as global engagement, student mobility and transnational education in both Australia and Malaysia.

He has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Vacation Marketing for over 22-years, and has sat on the Board of Directors of the International Centre of Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism Education (THE-ICE) accreditation body since its inception. He holds Adjunct Professorships at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam and at the Management Centre Innsbruck (MCi) in Austria, and also sits on the International Advisory Council of Ostrava University in The Czech Republic.

Perry will be joining us to speak on the rise of the digital professor and what this means for universities.

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